Newsletter August 21

Dear Christopher,

Last week, Gov. Pritzker signed an important new bill requiring insurance providers to cover EpiPens, the life-saving injections that interrupt severe allergic reactions.

It was a very important measure, and I was happy to vote in favor of it. But unfortunately, it's only a part of the solution. For people without insurance, and for those with high deductibles, the $600 price tag is simply unaffordable. People with severe allergies go without, putting their lives at risk every day so that the manufacturer can make bigger profits.

The price of the EpiPen — which has gone up more than 10x since 2007 — is just one example of how drug companies put their bottom lines over our survival. From insulin to MS medications to AIDS prevention drugs, manufacturers are charging exorbitant amounts for medicines that have already been researched, tested, and developed, because they know that sick people have no choice but to pay up.

This is why I started the Prescription Drug Affordability committee in Springfield, which I also now chair. We're up against a behemoth in Big Pharma that will do everything in its power to preserve its profits at our expense. But successes like the EpiPen bill, HB 3435, now signed into statute, are welcome reminders that we can win important victories for patients and people struggling to afford their needed medicines.

I'm looking forward to more work on this issue next legislative session, and in the years to come.




An information session for teaching immigrants about their rights.

Immigrant Rights Session

The deadline for property tax appeals is August 23. Tonight at the Logan Square Neighborhood Association in conjunction with Comminsioner Luis Arroyo Jr. they are hosting a workshop on how to file for appeals. Further date are on the flyer attached below

Property Tax Appeals Workshop


The city is providing heavily discounted internet for those who recieve government assistance.

Discounted Internet

ASI is offering help with chores for senior citizens.

Heavy Chore Help


Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 73 are looking for apprentices. 


The CTA is about to have its largest capital project and need's construction workers!

RPM Networking Fair

Illinois Tollway is looking for administrative workers.

Project Accountant