Newsletter 2019 Fair Tax Update

This week, the Illinois Senate passed a resolution for a Constitutional amendment to create a fair tax code in Illinois.

The next step is for the House to pass the resolution with a 71-vote supermajority. Then the measure will come before you, the voters, in the 2020 general election.

The plan as we've structured it is simple.We'll give a tax cut to 97% of Illinoisans — everyone making less than $250,000 will pay a little less.We'll raise taxes on the highest earners in Illinois — although millionaires will still pay less than they do in many other states. And we'll use the extra money we raise to fully and fairly fund the basic operations of government — public schools, health care, safety, and infrastructure.

I've said since I first ran for office that tax fairness is the single most important issue facing our state. I'm excited for the House to take on this historic issue.

May's going to be a busy month — I'll be in Springfield just about every weekday until we adjourn on the 31st. Still, I hope to see you around the neighborhood, including at tomorrow's Bike for Belmont Cragin (see below)!