Rep. Guzzardi-sponsored law amending the Child Care Act of 1969 now in effect.

By Local Labs News Service | Jul 23, 2019

A new law sponsored by Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-39) that was introduced with the purpose of amending the Child Care Act of 1969 went into effect on July 12, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website.

The legislation was introduced in bill HB2571 on Feb. 13, when Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-12) filed it with the House clerk.

According to the General Assembly website, the bill as introduced was designed to "amend the Child Care Act of 1969".

After debate, the House passed the bill on July 12 and it arrived in the Senate on April 3, and both chambers agreed to the final version of the legislation on May 21. The bill was sent to the governor on June 19 and was signed into law on July 12. The law went into effect immediately.

Illinois legislature enacts laws through bills that can be introduced in either the state House of Representatives or the state Senate. Either chamber of the legislature can reject or amend a bill before it becomes law. Legislators sometimes sponsor "shell bills" devoid of substantive provisions, introduced with the intention of being amended later to include actual legislation.