Alton Daily News: Standardized Testing Opt Out

By John Gregory

February 3, 2015

Opting your kids out of standardized testing would be possible under new legislation being considered in Springfield.  Under current state law, students themselves have the right not to take standardized tests, but parents and legal guardians can’t make that request on their behalf.  State Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-Chicago) says opting out doesn’t mean those kids will get a day off from school.

“They’re not missing any instructional time,” Guzzardi said. “What they would be missing is time filling in bubbles, and I don’t think even the staunchest advocates of standardized testing would tell you that actually taking the test teaches you anything.”

The legislation requires schools to offer some sort of supervised instruction for those opting out while their classmates take the test. Students, teachers and the schools wouldn’t be punished due to kids being excused from the tests.

Guzzardi hopes the bill starts a broader conversation about the amount of standardized testing required in Illinois, and whether it’s actually benefiting the students. Guzzardi is concerned about those questions.