La Farine Bakery & Cafe

The Basics
Name: La Farine Bakery & Cafe
Address: 2909 N Milwaukee Ave.
Type of Establishment: Bakery and Cafe
Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm, Sunday 8am-6pm

Q: What's your name and position at La Farine Bakery?

A: My name is Sandra and I am the bookkeeper/liaison. I basically make sure that everything is up and running.

Q: How long have you been in the neighborhood?

A: We move to Avondale in June of 2013, we moved from West Town because we needed a BIGGER space and wanted the retail store to flourish and though this would be the ideal neighborhood.

Q: What do you want our community to know about La Farine Bakery?

A: La Farine bakery really focus on natural techniques that distinguish us from other bread companies. We offer great tasting bread without any added fats or preservatives and baked fresh daily.

Q: What’s your favorite summer activity in Chicago?

A: I love to go to the beach and just enjoy the breezes, get a tan, swim all while drinking a delicious cup of iced coffee from La Farine ;-)

Q: How did La Farine Bakery begin?

A:Rida Shahin not only has a passion for bread but it's his life! He (Middle Eastern) and his wife (Polish), had been searching for a bread they could get behind. Every loaf they found was a disappointment, Rida took up the task himself and searched for a recipe and made a baguette and that is when it all started. Bread consumed him, and eventually he quit his job as a biologist. (“You don’t see the result for two years in biology,” he reasons. “But in the bakery, you see a loaf of bread”). He traveled to Minnesota and studied at the National Baking Center, where he immersed himself in an ancient way of bread making, where time is the main component. The list of ingredients he refuses to put in his bread (sugar, oil, margarine, fermenters) grew longer than those that he will (flour, yeast, water, salt). He returned to Palatine; purchased an stone-hearth oven imported from Europe, began his meticulous preparation using age-old artisan bread making techniques, premium ingredients and La Farine Bakery was Started in 2005.