Will has been working hard in Springfield to push forward legislation tackling issues faced by members of the 39th District and residents of Illinois. Click on the topics to see more in depth what he's been doing.


  • Primary sponsor on HB 306: Fought for more teaching and less testing by championing and moving legislation out of the house that would allow parents to opt their children out of high-stakes standardized testing. This bill also pushes back against the “sit and stare” policy that students are made to do if they opt-out for any reason. Under this bill, students would instead receive meaningful instructional time. (Passed the House, awaiting Senate action.)
  • Co-sponsor of HB 397: Constrains the power of the Illinois Charter Commission, a state agency that can currently override local districts’ decisions to reject new charter schools and force those districts to allow the charter instead. Ensures that taxpayer dollars go to neighborhood public schools before unwanted charters. (Passed the House, awaiting Senate action.)

Workers' Rights

  • Primary sponsor of HB 432: Filed legislation that would extend overtime protections to more working people in Illinois. Stopped pursuing the legislation after the US Department of Labor announced that it would take a similar action nationwide.
  • Primary sponsor of HB 3554: Pushed for fair scheduling practices that would protect low-wage workers from “flexploitation” such as being scheduled for unreasonably short shifts, being forced to work multiple nonconsecutive shifts in a day, or receiving unreasonably short notice of schedules or schedule changes. (Awaiting action.)
  • Chief co-sponsor of HB 3297: Fought to extend paid sick leave protections to all working people in Illinois and prohibit retaliation by employers. (Awaiting action.)

Women's Rights

  • Chief co-sponsor of SB 1564: Guarantees women’s access to health care by ensuring that if a medical professional refuses to provide certain services for religious reasons, that professional must direct his patient to a provider who does offer such care. (Passed the Senate, awaiting House action.)


  • Co-sponsor of HJRCA 8: Demanded the very wealthy pay their fair share with this constitutional amendment to create a progressive income tax to fund our state’s priorities. (Awaiting action.) Consistent champion for a holistic state budget that fully funds vital services for working families, the poor, the elderly, and people with disabilities.
  • Primary sponsor of HB 3830: Proposed an overhaul of the laws governing cooperatively-owned businesses (co-ops) in the state of Illinois to enable worker-owned businesses to grow and gain access to capital. (Awaiting action.)

Justice System

  • Chief co-sponsor of SB 1560: Demanded justice for juvenile offenders by decreasing the duration of their incarceration and post-release supervision.This overhaul of the juvenile justice system will ensure more young people get services, education, and care rather than simply getting locked up. (On the Governor’s desk.)
  • Chief co-sponsor of HB 494: Helped former offenders find work by reducing automatic barriers to employment for non-violent offenders in schools. This will give school officials discretion to hire those former offenders who are ready for work, greatly decreasing their likelihood to recidivate. (On the Governor’s desk.)
  • Chief co-sponsor of HB 3149: Provided further opportunities for ex-offenders by allowing those who earned a degree while incarcerated to be eligible to have their criminal records sealed earlier than otherwise allowed. (On the Governor’s desk.)

LGBTQ Rights

  • Primary sponsor of HB 3552: Asserted the rights of transgender people by ensuring that their remains can be displayed in accordance with their gender identity in life. In response to a case in Idaho of a transgender woman, born male, whose grandparents after her death dressed her in men’s clothing, used her male name, etc. (On the Governor’s desk.)
  • Co-sponsor of HB 217: Protected young people by banning the psychologically manipulative practice known as “conversion therapy,” a widely discredited method that aims to change an individual’s sexual or gender identity. (On the Governor’s desk.)


  • Co-sponsor of HB 2607: Supported the Clean Jobs Bill, a broad package of proposals that would overhaul the energy sector in Illinois. The proposal moves Illinois to invest in wind, solar and other renewable energy instead of subsidising fossil fuel industry. (Awaiting action.)
  • Primary sponsor of HB 3553: Worked to ban a practice known as “coal rolling” with this bill that would fine those who deliberately blast out harmful exhaust from their diesel vehicles. (Awaiting action.)
  • Member of the green caucus


  • Primary sponsor of SB 818: Defended the rights of people with mental illness by providing further legal protections to prevent the disclosure of their medical records. (Signed into law.)
  • Co-sponsor of HB 1: Overhauled the laws around opioids to provide better treatment for heroin and painkiller addictions. Allows for both EMT’s and pharmacies to use and prescribe opioid antidotes which stop OD’s the moment they start and save lives. Creates a take-back program for prescription medicine (keeps meds off the streets) and outlines a new pilot program to fight addiction. (On the Governor’s desk.)
  • Chief co-sponsor of HB 108: Sought to provide healthcare for every Illinoisan by proposing a universal health care model for the state. (Awaiting action.)