Protecting Our Environment

The scientific community has presented indisputable evidence of substantial climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions and industrial pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency recently passed carbon rules requiring each state to lower its carbon emissions. This is a crucial opportunity for Illinois to revisits its existing laws around clean energy, and to become a leader in wind, solar, and energy efficiency. 

As our State Representative, Will...

  • Uses his seat on the Environment Committee in Springfield to push for more regulation of greenhouse gases, punish polluters and expand clean energy in Illinois

  • Co-sponsored HB 2607, the Clean Jobs Bill, which is a broad package of proposals that aims to overhaul the energy sector in Illinois and promote investment in wind, solar and other renewable energy instead of subsidizing the fossil fuel industry

  • Advocates for expanded incentives for energy efficiency (e.g. insulating homes, changing lightbulbs, etc.)

  • Supports job-training programs that put people to work weatherizing buildings and learning the new trades of a clean energy economy

  • Fights to ensure that the 39th District has green space in its neighborhoods