Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

All of our families and seniors should feel safe in their communities. The most effective path to safer streets is with good community-based policing, more outreach programs for at-risk youth, and active community involvement — not over-incarceration of nonviolent offenders. We must engage local families, police, and other community leaders to combat the damage done to our neighborhoods in recent years and help keep our youth away from gangs and violence.

As our State Representative, Will...

  • Co-sponsored HB218, a bill that moves to decriminalize marijuana and creates a uniform ticket for possession of less than 30 grams

  • Co-sponsored SB1560, a bill that reforms our juvenile justice systems to reduce the number of youths incarcerated and help them reintegrate into their communities

  • Co-sponsored HB494 to help former nonviolent offenders find employment, a crucial component in moving them away from future criminal activity and toward a stable life

  • Encourages community policing efforts, so that our officers can work more closely with our neighbors and community leaders

  • Supports offering counseling and supportive services to first-time juvenile offenders to keep them away from gangs and help them stay in school