Advancing Equality

Despite all the advances towards equality we have made as a nation, discrimination is still a powerful force in our society. Every day, Illinoisans face discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality and more. This discrimination manifests in unequal housing costs, job opportunities, healthcare, and other daily activities. It is our responsibility to level the playing field, and ensure that all Illinoisans receive opportunities to succeed.

As our State Representative, Will...

  • Vocally supported marriage equality

  • Authored HB3552, a bill to further transgender rights by allowing transgender people to provide instructions for their gender presentation in burial documents (after this painful story in Idaho)

  • Co-sponsored SB1564, a bill to ensure that women have access to the full compliment of reproductive health care by requiring physicians who exercise their “right of conscience” to refer women to other providers

  • Supports equal pay for equal work

  • Is fighting to end racial discrimination in housing and job opportunities