The Rocking Horse

The Basics
Name: The Rocking Horse
Address: 2535 N Milwaukee Ave.
Type of Establishment: Bar
Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-2am, Saturday 11am-3am, Sunday 11am-2am

Q: What's your name and position at The Rocking Horse?
A: My name is Georg and I’m the owner of The Rocking Horse.

Q: How long have you been in the neighborhood?
A: 6 Years

Q: What do you want our community to know about The Rocking Horse?
A: That we're a great neighborhood spot with a private patio serving great bar food and a fantastic beer list.

Q: What’s your favorite summer activity in Chicago?
A: I'm a bar guy, so I'd have to say drinking on patios!

Q: What positive attributes does The Rocking Horse bring to the community?
A: We're a very welcoming place, with literally something that appeals to most everyone. The neighborhood has changed a lot in the 6 years since we've opened, and we're sort of a bridge from the old days to the new.

Q: What's your favorite menu item at The Rocking Horse?
A: Lately I've been eating the Turkey Club or Brisket Tacos.