Cafe Con Leche

The Basics
Name: Cafe Con Leche
Address: 2714 N Milwaukee Ave.
Type of Establishment: Restaurant
Specialty: Latin Comfort Food
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-4:30pm

Q: What's your name and position at Cafe Con Leche?
A: My name is Jennifer and I’m the Marketing and Events Manager at Cafe Con Leche.

Q: How long have you been in the neighborhood?
A: Cafe Con Leche opened in 2001, D'Noche 2009 and The Harding Tavern in 2014. I have worked with the company since 2012

Q: What do you want our community to know about Cafe Con Leche?
A: Cafe Con Leche is proud to be a part of this community and although we have changed and moved forward we want to stay true to who we are. We have regulars that walk through our doors everyday since 2001 and our goal is to provide friendly service and the same great product they expect from us.

Q: What’s your favorite summer activity in Chicago?
A: Neighborhood festivals and outdoor dining!

Q: What positive attributes does Cafe Con Leche bring to the community?
A: Esam Hani, the owner donates to local organizations including, PRAA, I am Logan Square, Logan Square Neighborhood and other local fundraisers and organizations.

Q: What's your favorite change you've seen at Cafe Con Leche since it opened in 2001?
A: We began as a small neighborhood sandwich shop with no foot traffic walking by. Now, we are a destination serving a more diverse menu and opened D'Noche for dinner service in 2009.