Bang Bang Pie Shop

The Basics
Name: Bang Bang Pie Shop
Address: 2051 N California Ave.
Type of Establishment: Restaurant
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm

Q: What's your name and position at Bang Bang Pie Shop?
A: My name is Michael and I’m the Shop Keeper.

Q: How long have you been in the neighborhood?
A: Over three years, Bang Bang Opened on March 30, 2012.

Q: What do you want our community to know about Bang Bang Pie Shop?
A: Bang Bang is proud to be a part of the greater Logan Square community & loves how dynamic & welcoming it is while continually changing & evolving.

Q: What’s your favorite summer activity in Chicago?
A: Walking around the various parts of Logan Square & the newly opened 606, visiting the Logan Farmer's Market on Sundays, Eating in outside cafes & sitting on my front porch with my family.

Q: What positive attributes does Bang Bang Pie Shop bring to the community?
A: Bang Bang brings a welcoming neighborhood cafe & a hospitality driven gathering spot for the dynamic individuals that are lucky enough to call Logan Square home.

Q: What's your favorite pie that you have ever offered on the menu?
A: That is a tough one, chicken pot pie is the pie I eat most frequently but for sweet pies, I would have to say peanut butter cream or lemon cream though I am always eager to see what our amazing team comes up with next!