Will's Committees:

Committees are an integral piece of the legislative process. When a bill is introduced, it first gets assigned to a designated committee based on the issue the bill is seeking to address. In each committee, members will hear testimony from proponents of and opposition to bills that come before them and they'll learn more about the topic through hearings. Ultimately, members are charged with making a decision to either call bills for a vote to move out of committee to get to the house floor.

The work that happens in committees, the research and judgement, determine whether or not a bill will go to the full legislature for a vote.

Representative Guzzardi is the founder and Chair of The Committee for Prescription Drug Affordability & Accessibility. He also serves as a member on the committees below.

Economic Opportunity & Equity

Prescription Drug Affordability & Accessibility (Chair)

Judiciary - Criminal

Mental Health

Sentencing, Penalties and Criminal Procedure Subcommittee